Composite Decking With the Look & Feel of Wood

While wood decking is gorgeous and classical, it’s high-maintenance. And with the costs of lumber always fluctuating, you never know how much your project will cost. TimberTech elegantly solves this problem with its uniquely formulated decking products, which offer unparalleled durability and no-fuss care routines. Composite decking never looked so good!

KBS Companies is proud to supply TimberTech for deck builders looking for:

  • The appearance of wood without the maintenance
  • Sustainable decking materials
  • Durable and low maintenance decks

A Comprehensive Line of Outdoor Living Products

Matchy-matchy is all the rage these days, and when it comes to exterior projects for a client or yourself, this is no exception. However, when you’re mixing brands, it can be hard to perfectly match one hue from one product line to another. Sure, even if they look alike on the computer screen, they might not always be a perfect mimicry of one another’s color in real life!

That’s where TimberTech comes in. By offering practically anything you could ask for in terms of outdoor project supplies, you can rest easy knowing that your newest renovation will come out looking professionally done. Easily match your decking, railing, and more!

If stress-free shopping isn’t enough though, that’s not all TimberTech offers.

Do the Environment a Favor

We’ve been told again and again that the planet’s forests are shrinking, and we know wood decks inherently contribute to that given what they’re made out of.

TimberTech’s composite decking, on the other hand, uses a large amount of recycled material in its products, meaning that the brand is actively working to clean up the Earth. When you buy TimberTech, you can feel good knowing you’re doing the same.

Enjoy Long-Lasting Performance and Savings

As wood decking ages, maintenance costs increase. Staining, refinishing, replacing boards—it’s no secret that this type of decking needs money and care. While the cost of TimberTech products might be slightly higher than wood decking upfront, they’ll more than pay for themselves in reduced maintenance costs and the general hardiness of the decking as a whole.

KBS Companies: Your Local TimberTech Vendors

We’re a decking company, sure, but we’re so much more than that. At KBS Companies, we’ve devoted ourselves to being your one-stop shop for everything outdoors, be it decking, railing, or something else entirely.

With two Minnesota locations ready to serve you, getting what you need to finish your to-do list has never been easier. Stop in now or give our Plainview location a call today at 507-534-3855. You can reach our Rochester store at 507-287-3264.

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