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Light, Medium, or Industrial: Types of Commercial Overhead Door Operators

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At KBS, we understand your need for reliable, structurally sound overhead door operators. They must be functional, secure, and durable to handle your warehouse, agricultural structure, or other commercial building overhead door activities. With our selection of the best overhead doors, we can outfit any project you might have.

Shingle, Metal, TPO or PVC: Building Materials for Commercial Roofing

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Each roofing material has advantages and disadvantages, and they each have their own time to shine. Choosing the right commercial roofing material the first time can help you save money rather than replacing your roof sooner due to inappropriate materials. KBS Companies can help you decide which roofing material is best for your business, including shingles, metal, TPO, or PVC.

The 4 Best Commercial Overhead Door Brands

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Whether the business you own is a small-scale mechanic shop, a huge shipping operation, or something in between, one thing is certain: commercial overhead doors play a key role in your workflow and success. By functioning as moving walls, they make any storage space or garage simple and quick to access, along with protecting the valuable goods inside.

6 Things That Cause Garage Door Failure

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When overhead doors fail, your day can go from a normal, albeit hectic, weekday to a downright nightmare, and there’s certainly no better way to ruin a weekend. Take it from a garage door maintenance company: Your farm garage doors, commercial garage doors, or residential garage doors are oftentimes the lynchpin of a functioning operation, but that doesn’t become obvious until they can no longer play that role.

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