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Four Best Commercial Overhead Door Brands

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Whether the business you own is a small-scale mechanic shop, a huge shipping operation, or something in between, one thing is for certain: commercial overhead doors play a key role in your workflow and success. By functioning as moving walls, they make any storage space or garage simple and quick to access, along with protecting the valuable goods inside.

Three Trusted Siding Brands for Your New Building

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All kinds of exterior facets play a role in the hardiness and cosmetic appeal of your new build—roofing, windows, patios, you name it. One that’s particularly paramount to its success is, of course, siding. By providing a weather-tight building envelope, it keeps the facility structurally sound, not to mention the occupants inside warm and cozy. Plus, it contributes to the aesthetic message of your build, showing off your business’s personality and welcoming customers and employees in with its unique flair.

Three Leading Window Brands for Commercial Construction Projects

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When you’re a contractor giving it your all for your client, every material you use in the commercial construction process must be top-notch. Siding, roofing, you name it—but arguably one of the most important things to get right are the build’s windows. Not only do they play a critical role in creating that perfect interior ambiance, but they also affect the architecture of the outside. Combined with their role in an airtight building envelope and an energy-efficient structure, it’s plain to see that they deserve quite a bit of focus.

Warehouse Construction: 8 Factors to Consider

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We’re all aware of the stereotypical warehouse look: a massive grey box on the side of a highway with a variety of mysterious garage doors leading in—to where, the passerby cannot fathom. While this look and the internal structure that comes with it are useful to a variety of businesses, each company is an individual, and at KBS Companies, we believe they deserve commercial construction services and results that cater to that.

Pre-Engineered Building VS. Custom Build: What’s the Right One for You?

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If you’re looking into commercial construction, you might be surprised to find that all approaches to getting the job done aren’t the same. While there are plenty of roads to Rome, so to speak—many ways to achieve a great new build—some are better suited for certain clients over others.

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