Masonite: More Than Just a Door

A door is a door is a door, right? Not as far as Masonite is concerned! This door supplier is devoted to changing the way people see its product, delivering more from its doors at every turn.

For over 95 years, Masonite has prioritized safety, cleanliness, and innovation in its products, making doors for the modern, style-focused, security-driven world. That’s why KBS Companies is proud to recommend Masonite to customers looking for stylish and attack-resistant doors.

A Door Store to Keep What you Love Safe

Masonite has created an affordable, tried-and-tested line of doors for those businesses that have security concerns. Extra-tough particleboard, tactical security glass, sturdy Grade 1 hardware, and a metal frame provide extra protection from any would-be wrongdoer lurking on the outside.

But security isn’t all Masonite doors offer! Bright, encouraging designs make these doors a great fit for an environment that needs both style and safety, like schools, healthcare facilities, private businesses, and office buildings.

A Door to Create Peace and Quiet

Homes should be peaceful – or as peaceful as possible, at least, when you have a bustling, on-the-go family! Luckily, Masonite has crafted doors to bring a little more chill to your environment.

Because Masonite doors are made with more sound-reducing material than standard doors, they drastically reduce noise transfer, keeping your space relaxed and easy to be in.

Plus, Masonite’s products are totally on-trend and perfect for the modern home.

A Door for Unique Spaces

From healthcare facilities to your contemporary, breezy office settings, Masonite has a solution for everything.

  • Some Masonite doors are designed to be easy to clean and sanitize, while others have sleek and chic aesthetics that fit seamlessly into a modern office.
  • Other Masonite doors are even built to high sustainability standards, capable of meeting LEED v4 building requirements.

Whatever you demand from your doors, Masonite delivers. And with KBS Companies as your door store, you’re sure to find the perfect fit!

Wholesale Doors and More: You’ll Find it All at KBS Companies

“Wholesale door supplier” is just one of the many hats we wear! From cabinetry to roofing, decking, and siding, KBS Companies is proud to be your one-stop home-or-business renovation supplier.

For friendly service and comprehensive solutions, stop by today! With questions, you can reach our Plainview office at 507-534-3855, or our Rochester location at 507-287-3264.






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