Doors and Replacement Windows for a Healthier You

Marvin is more than a door supplier and provider replacement windows – the company has a mission to make more positive the spaces in which people spend most of their time. Acknowledging the increasing portion of day-to-day life spent indoors, Marvin works to create new construction windows and wholesale doors that make rooms healthier, happier-feeling, and better contributors to their occupants’ wellbeing.

  • Matching lines of windows and doors to perfectly unify your look
  • Smart Home compatibility in some lines for added convenience
  • Fantastically versatile frame designs

Windows That Harmonize With Nature and Emphasize Your Style

As a window supplier, Marvin acknowledges the importance of natural light to human health and happiness. Thus, its products endeavor to harness this power in new and innovative ways.

Marvin’s skylight line, for example, features tunable lighting, and the revolutionary Marvin Skycove takes “relaxing bay window” to a whole new level. From specialty-shaped to broad picture windows, its products go above and beyond the industry standard, letting sunlight and fresh air into your home and brightening the place up like few other brands can.

With its variety of frame designs – the chic and sleek Modern and the charmingly contemporary Coastline, to name a few – there’s also truly a model for any style, making this brand a versatile provider of replacement windows.

A Door Supplier That Understands the Value of First Impressions

One look at all of Marvin’s wholesale doors and it’s obvious that this is a door supplier that knows how to make an impact.

Marvin’s door lines are just as stylistically flavorful as its window products. In fact, for every new construction window, there’s a door to perfectly match its style!

Another bonus: Marvin windows and doors in the Signature line are compatible with Smart Home systems, making it easy to automate your home. When you buy a Marvin door, you’re not only upgrading your style – you’re upgrading your wellbeing, too.

KBS Companies: Your Window Distributor and Door Store of Choice

The Marvin brand is vast, with countless solutions that seemingly encompass every single replacement window and door problem you could possibly imagine. It takes a serious expert window supplier and door supplier to navigate the world of door suppliers and window distributors, and it’s just these sorts of experts and more you’ll find at your local KBS Companies.

From friendly staff to replacement window pros to top-notch brands like Marvin and others, we’ve got everything you need to find the right new construction windows and right wholesale doors for your newest project.

Stop by today and talk with our window distributors and door suppliers, or reach our Rochester or Plainview locations at 507-287-3264 and 507-534-3855, respectively.

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