Hayfield Window and Door Company

A Longstanding Brand With a History of Quality

The story of Hayfield Window & Door company is a long one. Since the early 1950s, they’ve been a top-notch window supplier, getting their starts with aluminum storm windows. Since then, there’s been nothing but growth.

This long history is a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality, but it’s not the only indicator that this provider of new construction windows is the real deal.

Shop New Construction Windows on the Cutting Edge of Innovation

Hayfield Windows & Doors doesn’t just slap paint on a product and introduce it as new. This window distributor has been long-known as a mover and shaker. From between-the-glass blinds to spill-proof vinyl sills, the company has strived to come up with solutions to everyday problems all homeowners face.

Need proof? Hayfield Windows & Doors still has product technology from the early 2000s that’s being sold at the time of writing this. For a product to be on the market so long, you know that it has to be innovative.

Eco-Conscious Windows for the Discerning Shopper

Hayfield Windows & Doors firmly embraced a green ideology in the 1970s, per its official website, and has been working with the environment in mind ever since. Every product that’s used to make its windows is recycled.

It also passes on the benefits of being environmentally friendly to the customer. Its replacement windows, for example, offer supreme energy efficiency, leading to lower bills for the client, and weather protection.

A Window Provider With Products Built to Last

Hayfield Windows & Doors offer a 20-year limited lifetime warranty, making them an outstanding choice for those in need of new construction windows that can stand the test of time. They’ve got some of the best longevity of any products you’ll find at your local window supplier.

Nearly Endless Customization Options

From painted vinyl to stained glass, you’d be hard-pressed to find a window distributor whose products have more personalization opportunities. This window supplier even offers vinyl products that look like wood!

Find the Replacement Windows you Need at KBS Companies

We’re proud to partner with Hayfield Windows & Doors as a window supplier. With our attentive team and huge variety of top brands, you’re sure to find the new construction windows you need to make your next project amazing.

Stop by either of our two locations today! You can also reach our Rochester office at 507-287-3264, or our Plainview shop at 507-534-3855 with questions.

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