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Andersen Replacement Window Distributor in Southeast Minnesota

When it comes to quality and style, Andersen epitomizes. As a provider of new construction windows and replacement windows, this company has a long history of providing quality products; according to the brand’s official website, they’ve been doing so for over a century! Andersen is committed to heightening the standards of both the replacement windows and new construction windows industry. They work hard to give their customers phenomenal products and never shy away from experimenting with new ideas. They’re the perfect window brand for anyone looking to prioritize unique design, tight security, and a distinctive overall look.

The Importance of Windows to A Happy, Healthy Home

Windows are an important part of any home, and they serve many purposes. Even though many people don’t actively think about the quality of their windows, they’d be wise to. Just take it from a reputable window distributor: KBS Companies. The wide variety of brands and quality replacement windows we sell are a testament to this fact.

Without any windows at all, your home would certainly not feel the same as it does now. Natural light does wonders for creating an atmosphere! In addition to letting mood-boosting natural light in, windows can also cut down on your utility bills if you purchase the right brand and use them smartly. Additionally, they’re a bold statement of style and individuality in and of themselves, as frame types and structure vary between make and brand. It’s true—windows can be an underrated home fixture, one that contractors and homeowners alike are smart to pay attention to.

If windows are so important to a happy, healthy, and stylish home, then your window supplier is equally as important. No matter if you’re a contractor in the market for new construction windows or a homeowner looking to speak to a window distributor about design choices, only the best will do.

KBS Companies is Proud to be Your Choice for Replacement Windows

Just like Andersen works hard to bring you the highest-quality windows on the market, KBS Companies, as a window supplier and window distributor, works hard to help you select the perfect windows for your needs.

  • Our multi-talented team knows windows from multiple standpoints | We’ve got all sorts of experts on staff. From the agricultural industry to construction, we know windows—and we know them in the context of multiple fields. No matter who you are or what sort of expertise you’re looking for in a window supplier. KBS Companies is here to provide.
  • Few can beat our service as a window supplier | At KBS Companies, we pride ourselves on our solution-focused, educational approach to helping our customers. We’ll assist you in finding the solution to your window woes, and we’ll make sure you have the knowledge you need to make good use of that solution.
  • Big project or small, we’ll help with them all | No task is too big or too minuscule for our team of experts to help with. If you’re a DIY homeowner, you’ll never feel intimidated walking through our doors. If you’re looking for new construction windows, you’ll feel warm and welcomed among people who treat you like peers.

When you’re ready to experience great service from a knowledgeable window distributor, give KBS Companies a call. You can reach our Plainview office at 507-534-3855. For folks looking to get a hold of our Rochester location, contact us at 507-287-3264.

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