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Top-Quality Cabinetry, Small Town Care

According to the brand’s official website, Aspect Cabinetry is a cabinet supplier that hails from a small town in Missouri of under 300 people. From its beginnings as a molding and lumber company working out of a shed, it has become successful enough to boast roughly 1 million square feet of manufacturing space—and that success and expansion is no accident.

At KBS Companies, as a provider of wholesale cabinets, we’ve long known Aspect Cabinetry to accept only the best in its kitchen and bathroom cabinets, just like we do in our customer service. If you’re looking for solid craftsmanship in your wholesale cabinets from a company that prides itself on its self-reliant nature, Aspect Cabinetry is the perfect brand for you.

Wholesale Cabinets With the Sturdiness of Solid Wood and the Smartness of Modern Design

Where it can, Aspect Cabinetry uses solid wood in its products, such as in its face frames and hanging rails. This lends its bathroom and kitchen cabinets a strength that simply can’t be beaten. This solid wood, as well as the other portions of the cabinet, is also fairly easy to care for; simply avoid excess humidity and clean up spills promptly, and you’re good to go.

Wood has been used as a building material for centuries; when you go with Aspect Cabinetry, you’ll be borrowing the strength of nature where the cabinet needs it most, while relying on other human-made materials when the need suits it. These products boast a conscientious design that lets them last for your family well into the future.

A Cabinet Supplier That Operates With the Environment in Mind

Aspect Cabinetry is a participating member of the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA), which means that it works to “stay in tune with industry best practices of environmental responsibility,” according to Aspect Cabinetry’s official website. Furthermore, Aspect Cabnetry boasts an ESP—Environmental Stewardship Program—certification from the KCMA, further demonstrating its commitment to the environment and sustainability.

This program is far from a participation trophy; it has high standards that hold its cabinet suppliers to the highest degree of environmental respect. For example, criteria requires that “hardwood and softwood lumber are certified through a recognized sustainable forestry program” and that the “manufacturer has a program for tracking and reducing process waste products with documented goals and reports,” among various other requirements.

In short, Aspect Cabinetry, as a provider of wholesale cabinets, doesn’t just give lip service when it comes to sustainability. It’s certified as a cabinet supplier that has taken, and continues to take, action.

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